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Data Work

VECF believes in the power of actionable information through effective data, analysis, and policy development systems. These systems support the responsibility and opportunity to be accountable, equitable, effective, and efficient in delivering services and opportunities for Virginia’s children, families, communities, and the Commonwealth. VECF’s commitment shows in several areas of work: Virginia Longitudinal Data SystemEarly Childhood Integrated Data System and Data Capacity Booster Grants.

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Virginia Longitudinal Data System (VLDS)

For 6 years, VECF has been an interested and active participant in building and supporting Virginia’s extraordinary Longitudinal Data System. Through facilitation of conversations among the founding agencies and the Virginia Department of Social Services, VECF was privileged to support the inclusion of VDSS and its significant data sets (de-identified, including foster care, TANF, SNAP, and child care subsidy) that help us better understand the trajectory of experiences and outcomes for cohorts of children and families who interact with and across systems over time. VECF and its Smart Beginnings partners are in the process of onboarding data sets making data - especially related to children in private child care settings – available to VLDS.

Early Childhood Integrated Data System

As part of our commitment to better understand conditions and outcomes for children and their families, VECF is pursuing the opportunity for our systems to link data (for example, children to parents, or children to child care providers) to better inform policies, programs, and practice. We have joined with national experts, state level leaders, and entrepreneurial local communities to promote the development of an Early Childhood Integrated Data System for Virginia, to be nested within or inter-operative with VLDS.

VECF has hosted two meetings to advance this effort. Read about the November 2017 convening, or see a summary of the discussion thus far, incorporating insights from both the November 2017 and April 2018 meetings.

ECIDS Summary Report - Where We Go From Here

Meeting Notes - November 29, 2017

VECF Data Capacity Booster Initiative

We are pleased to support and promote data capacity at the local/regional level by offering expert technical assistance and funding to build out systems, knowledge, skills, and frameworks for using data toward community goals through Data Capacity Booster Grants. This initiative is building Smart Beginnings partners’ expertise in data, including data sharing, data systems and management, statistical analyses, and capacity for using data to promote better programs and policies. Together with VECF’s Chewning Research Fellows and data experts, participants create community profiles with publicly available data to inform targeted strategies, and increase their capacity to identify,  access, collect, manage, use, and interpret data to meet their school readiness goals. The Data Capacity Booster Initiative is part of VECF's "Building Excellence" framework.

2019 Data Capacity Booster Grantees (Click here to view grantees' project descriptions.)

Fairfax County Office for Children
Smart Beginnings Central Virginia
Smart Beginnings Danville Pittsylvania
Smart Beginnings Eastern Shore
Smart Beginnings Greater Richmond
Smart Beginnings Greater Roanoke
Smart Beginnings New River Valley
Smart Beginnings Rappahannock Area
Smart Beginnings Southwest
Smart Beginnings Western Tidewater

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