Ready Regions

Local Smart Beginnings have brought public and private leaders together to collaborate on priorities for their youngest citizens since 2005. With steady investment from Virginia’s governors and legislature over the last 15 years, Smart Beginnings has evolved from a network of 3 community coalitions working across 9 localities to 17 Smart Beginnings working across 93 of 133 localities. Building from this asset, the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation (VECF) will lead a transition creating a statewide network of Ready Regions that will cover all of Virginia and commit to assertive and consistent delivery of equitable early childhood opportunities - smart beginnings - for all families with young children in the Commonwealth. This latest evolution will allow Virginia’s public-private network to continue to be responsive to those needs for the decade to come.

Ready Regions - Announcement Video

Ready Regions - Announcement Video with Kathy Glazer, President of VECF

Opportunities Ahead for Ready Regions

Anticipated Timeline:

• Spring 2021 – Smart Beginnings partners notified and FAQ (updated 07.14.21) shared (submit additional questions to

• June 30, 2021 – Ready Regions suggested coverage areas announced

• August 18, 2021 – Letter of Intent (LOI) released with anticipated grant award levels

• August 25, 2021 – LOI informational webinar at noon (Register Here)

• September 10, 2021 – LOI due by 5pm

• September 27, 2021 – Request for Proposals for full applications released (selected communities will be invited to submit full applications based on review of LOI)

• November 30, 2021 – Full applications due by 5pm

• December 17, 2021 – Awards announced

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