Smart Beginnings Systems Building Grants

VECF is committed to the development of Smart Beginnings’ capacities to build systems that effectively support school readiness in the communities they serve. To this end, VECF has awarded Smart Beginnings Systems Building grants to initiatives who developed data-driven approaches focused on equitable access to supports that address the comprehensive needs of families with young children and build robust, durable community-driven early childhood systems.

Grantees for FY20 and FY21:

Authentic family engagement, equity, and effective governance and strategy

  • SB Greater Richmond
  • SB Martinsville Henry
  • SB Rappahannock Area
  • SB Southwest Virginia

Data use, analysis, and sharing

  • SB Danville Pittsylvania
  • SB Thomas Jefferson Area

Workforce development

  • SB Greater Roanoke
  • Minus 9 to 5 (in partnership with SB Virginia Peninsula)
  • SB Southeast

*This project is supported by the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) Grant #CCECD-18-211, with FY20 funds made available to Virginia from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services TANF. 100%/$560,000 of this project was funded by the above federal funds. Non of the awards will be supported by nongovernmental sources. The above content does not represent the official views of VDSS, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services or the U.S. Government.

Innovative Partnership Grants

First launched in 2015, Innovative Partnership Grants support Smart Beginnings partners as they implement and document for potential replication local innovations for improving access to high quality early education for at-risk children, readying children, families, and schools for kindergarten success. Click here to learn about the grantees.

Data Capacity Booster Grants

The Data Capacity Booster Grants support and provide expert technical assistance for Smart Beginnings partners to help grow their expertise around data. This initiative is building Smart Beginnings partners’ expertise in data sharing, data systems and management, statistical analyses, and capacity for using data to promote better programs and policies. Together with VECF’s Chewning Research Fellows and data experts, participants create community profiles with publicly available data to inform targeted strategies, and increase their capacity to identify,  access, collect, manage, use, and interpret data to meet their school readiness goals. To learn more about these grantees, click here.