Mixed Delivery Preschool Grant Program 2019 Grantees

Full Implementation Grants

 Henrico Education Foundation (Henrico County), $250,000

This initiative will provide preschool services for up to 16 four-year-olds each year over two years, in up to four private community-based child care centers. These centers are located in underserved, high needs neighborhoods, including those with high populations of English-language learners.

Innovations:  Integrated financing model using multiple funding sources to provide high-quality preschool services; intense coaching model based on CLASS observations; providing teacher incentives aligned with those provided in Virginia’s federal Preschool Development Grant Birth to Five pilot localities; addressing needs of families for high quality preschool during the full working day and over the summer; addressing child care needs of families with children birth to three through leveraged funding sources. 

Town of New Market (Shenandoah and Page Counties), $250,000

In a town that until recently had no licensed child care center and a county without a center that accepts child care subsidy, this initiative will provide high quality preschool for 12-14 four-year-olds each year in a newly established private/community-based center.  The initiative enjoys broad support from many stakeholders in the region and is supported by the town’s desire to provide child care as an economic development strategy for local businesses.

Innovations:  Addressing child care needs of families with children 2½ through three-years-old through leveraged, integrated funding; planning to offer shift-work care and integrate VPI funding in the private setting in second year; providing incentives for teachers who pursue or complete college degrees, including through Virginia Workforce Development Apprenticeships; integrating family supports in collaboration with a local home visiting program; adding private child care to the county’s single point of entry application process. 

United Way of Central Virginia (Lynchburg), $183,325

In collaboration with the local community action agency and a home visiting program, this initiative will provide Head Start preschool and family support and engagement services for up to 30 preschoolers over the project period in a private child care setting.

Innovations:  Providing a seamless birth to five continuum of care through leveraged supports and community collaborations, including through home visiting, child care, and quality improvement networks; building a single point of entry application process for families applying for preschool services; providing professional development for classroom staff through coaching based on CLASS observations. 

United Way of Southwest Virginia (Buchanan County and Norton), $250,000*

In response to a regional 2018 report, “Early Childhood Risk & Protective Factor Mapping” and with Appalachian Regional Commission funding, the grantee recently helped establish family child care businesses in underserved high-need communities.   This Mixed-Delivery Preschool Grant program initiative will provide year-round child care during the day and during non-traditional hours for 24 four-year-olds in up to four family child care homes.

Innovations:  Leveraging Virginia Quality and Infant Toddler Specialist Network resources to improve quality in participating centers for children birth to five-years-old; providing professional development to child care providers, including in trauma-informed care; advancing data-sharing agreements with public schools in order to inform preschool providers and supports of the school readiness of enrolled children.

*In 2020, the footprint of Mixed Delivery Grantee, United Way of Southwest Virginia, changed from Buchanan County and Norton to Buchanan County and Wise County.

Planning Grants

VECF has awarded the following communities six-month planning grants of funding and technical assistance to support their preparation for a possible Mixed-Delivery Preschool Grant Program award.

Gloucester County Public Schools (Gloucester County), $25,000

Hampton Roads Community Action Program (Hampton), $25,000