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FY18 Funds for VA
What Are the Main Requirements?
Virginia Preschool Initiative
$69,097,338 state general funds
$6,326 per pupil funding for FY19 & FY20
The VPI program was established by the General Assembly in 1995 and began in FY1996 to provide VA communities with funding to enable them to provide 4-year-old children at-risk of school failure, but not served by the federal Head Start program, with a high-quality preschool education.
The local plan must address:
Providing a quality preschool education;
Health services;
Family engagement;
The facilitation of comprehensive services; and
A transportation plan.
The preschool education may be full- or part-day, and cover the VA
public school year.
There is a local match requirement, based upon the composite index and capped at 50%. The local match must be cash match from local funds directly spent on the program; up to 25% of the local match may be in-kind costs (not including fixed assets) befitting the program. Philanthropic or other private funds may be contributed to the locality to be appropriated in their local budget and then utilized as local match. In-kind contributions may not be included as contributions for any other federally- or state-funded program, and may not be funds received from the federal or state governments under other awards.